Everyday Hashtags for Real Estate

Nowadays social media have become an important part of our life. Using daily hashtags with your social media content can be a great way to communicate with your viewers. Especially if you are in any kind of business (for example, real estate business), proper use of hashtags can be a clever way to brought consumer’s and client’s attention towards your business. If you are not so much familiar with the use of hashtags, this article can help you. Some daily hashtags and their uses are discussed here.

Definition of hashtag
Hashtag is a kind of metadata tag. It is mainly a word or a phrase (all run together without any space) with the symbol ‘#’ at the beginning and end of the phrase. It is used mainly in the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. People use hastags to categorize their photos and comments. It helps to group related posts. It also helps audience to search for their desired type of posts. Proper use of hashtags makes both posting and searching efficient. 

#MotivationalMonday #MM
Motivational quotes are quite famous among social media sites. If you are in real estate business, you can use this hastag to inspire your clients or customers with famous motivational quotes about property.
E.g: ‘Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, both financial affluence and emotional security. #MotivationalMonday#MM.


#TransformationTuesday #TT
People love all kind of makeover, whether it is a person or a product or a property. So if you are in property business, ‘Transformation Tuesday’ is a great opportunity to show home improvements of yours. You can add before and after photos of your home improvements and tag it with ‘TransformationTuesday’.

Ex: Add a beautiful photo of your apartment as after and a photo of the previous land as before. Then you can say, ‘only within one year, our company turned this empty land into this gorgeous, high class apartment. #TransformationTuesday#TT#.’


#WaybackWednesday #WBW
WaybackWednesday is a good opportunity to post good old memory. You can use this day to share nice comments of past clients. It will act as a good marketing.
Ex: ‘I never thought your flat would change my lifestyle. It is classy, beautiful and very much techno friendly.#WaybackWednesday#WBW#.’

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT
Throwback Thursday or TBT is the most common used tweet caption. It mainly refers to older photos which makes you nostalgic. If you have property business, you can use this day to share old photos of your successful projects. You can also share photos of company programs. It will give an insight of your company to the audience.
Ex: You can add a photo of your first project tagged as TBT.

#FlashbackFriday #FBF
Flashback Friday or FBF is almost same as Throwback Thursday. May be social media fans didn’t think one day is enough for posting old photos, so they discover another day to bring back some old memories. And that’s the time when the Flashback Friday has invented. If you are a business person, you can use the day to share your wonderful memories with your past clients and customers.
Ex: You can share a photo of gift from an old, happy client and tag it as FBF.

Don’t keep every day for your old photos only. There must be something that makes you sentimental. It can be a recent or old event or a sentimental line of famous people. Anything that makes you sentimental can go into this hashtag category.
Ex: you can share photos of any award that your company received and tag it as Sentimental Saturday.


This is the most fun hashtag for both personal and professional use. It can be used in many ways. You can share selfies with your clients or customers while closing a great deal. It will act as a great marketing of the company. Or you can post selfies with your employees or your team while working. This will make your company feel more reliable to the audience.
Ex:  Take a selfie with your client while making a significant deal. Then post it with a little description of the project under ‘SelfieSunday’ hashtag


Sunday is the best time for both having party and sharing photos of party. So take the opportunity to share company parties’ photo and make the audience realize the bond between your employees.
Ex: Add a photo of the last company party and write ‘had a blast at the party. Surely I have the best teammates.#Sunday Funday#

The popularity of hashtags depends on the name and different uses of the hashtags. A good hashtag should have a catchy name which is easy to hear and say. And it is as important as any other kind of marketing strategy.

Right now more than 70% of people use different types of hastags. So for business people, use of hastags is very important. If you want full marketing for your business, you cannot ignore daily use of hashtags. It has become a perfect marketing tool for every business.



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